confit jowl with potato parmentier and basil oil.

Code: 21769 (pork jowl confit)

Code: 18842 (potato parmentier)


  • Exquisitarium pork jowl confit
  • Exquisitarium potato Parmentier.
  • Sweet red pepper
  • Basil oil
  • Basil leaves.
  • Salt maldom


We present a delicious tapa that is very easy to make.

Previously defrost the pork jowl confit, fraction it to taste, in a non-stick frying pan and brown it on both sides over medium-high heat.

Without defrosting, pierce the top of the package at different points, and heat the potato parmentier tray in the microwave at maximum power (800 W) for 5-6 min.

Once we have the main ingredients ready, we will prepare our tapa. We will decorate the plate putting the jowl as a base, a point of parmentier on top seasoned with basil oil, sweet paprika and salt maldom.

A simple and different dish.