Discover the thousand and one possibilities offered by Canelon XL

One of the characteristics that define Exquisitarium products is their versatility. Once regenerated, our frozen ready made meals can be presented with different layouts and garnishes. This allows for the creation of various dishes using the same basic product, thus giving them a personalized “trademark” touch.

In this publication, we want to present you with a product that offers infinite presentation options: Canelon XL cannelloni. In popular culinary imagination, cannelloni falls under the category of a main course served at important celebrations. How would you like to turn this conception around? What do you think about introducing cannelloni as an appetizer or an entrée?

At Exquisitarium we prepare Canelon XL cannelloni using top-quality ingredients and following traditional methods. We use fresh pre-cooked pasta, which guarantees an unrivaled texture for your palate. The size of Exquisitarium’s Canelon XL cannelloni allows for the creation of a complete main course that satisfies the most demanding of diners. If you want to turn the cannelloni into an appetizer or tapa, Canelon XL cannelloni can be divided into smaller pieces. Thus, portions for tapas or appetizers are very economical and original.

So, if you are looking for new appetizers or main dishes for your banquets, catering and celebrations, Exquisitarium has the solution: Canelon XL cannelloni. They are delicious and irresistible, they offer various presentation options, you can add different garnishes based on the cook’s preferences, and they are also a very economical option!