At Exquisitarium we have put all our trust in Rational technology, which is why our collaboration began in 2008 when we acquired our first oven and since then our company has always continued to work hand in hand with Rational.

From the beginning of the process of creating a product in the R+D+I department, the use of Rational equipment is taken into account at all times from the start, during the production and final regeneration of the product, therefore Rational technology has a very important weight, as it is the main element that our R+D+I team relies on.  

80% of our products use Rational equipment technology and allow you to achieve a better result, with a smarter kitchen, more use of space, and greater productivity.

Rational is the ideal equipment for cooking our references at low temperature, the great reliability in the programming of all its parameters, make it a product with characteristics that differentiate it from the rest.

In laQina our gastronomic space by Exquisitarium is where we carry out all the tastings with our clients, this space is a great showcase for them to learn how to regenerate the final product and thus apply it in their kitchens, this is where Rational plays a crucial role.

Thanks to this space and the classes given by our team, many customers have become interested in the Rational equipment that we use.