Exquisitarium would like to let you know that after a period of adaptation and hard work, we have been awarded gluten-free certification for a wide range of our products.

The crossed-grain seal is one of the certifications awarded by the European Licensing System (ELS or the Crossed Grain Trademark) according to the AOECS Gluten-Free Standard, thus allowing for the use of the crossed-grain symbol registered by the Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS). This is one of the most important guarantees people with celiac disease have, letting them know that the product they are consuming is completely safe.

The consumer must have all the information about our products, thus the importance of having this seal on our labels. This is the main source of information for our customers, allowing them to not only know the food, but also its origin, how it is preserved, its ingredients, the nutrients it provides, and the allergens it contains.

Our goal has always been to offer healthy, natural products with great organoleptic and nutritional value. The fact that we can certify so many gluten-free references is because we have eliminated all volatile gluten-containing raw materials from our manufacturing plant, and these changes were made without organoleptic variations in our finished products. The only difference is that these products are now intended for a wider public, one that includes celiacs.

  Our certified gluten-free products include croquettes, meats, fish, sauces, potato bombs, and desserts. You can consult the details in our catalog, where you will find under each reference an indication of whether the product is suitable for celiacs or not. You can also consult our certificate at:


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