Multiple benefits of frozen foods

The benefits of frozen products have become increasingly popular, although part of the population may be unfamiliar with the many benefits and believe they are unable to retain nutrients and vitamins the way fresh products can. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Experts reject these beliefs and claim that many frozen foods have the same benefits as fresh foods. A frozen product can remain for many months or years in the freezer without posing a risk to health while retaining its nutrients. This has become one of the most commonly used and effective natural conservation techniques as it prevents product degradation without the need to add preservatives or colorants.

There are increasingly more high-quality frozen products designed for the final consumer and HORECA industry. We will analyze the advantages of frozen products for professionals. Apart from the fact that we can have ready-to-eat products without sacrificing quality, it allows us to control our work pace, and save time, among other things. Out of the many qualities they offer, we highlight the following:

  • Organoleptic Qualities

Quick freezing at very low temperatures and correct maintenance of the cold chain are keys to keeping the initial conditions of the product intact. If these aspects are respected, many frozen foods do not lose their most basic organoleptic qualities, such as texture or taste.

  • Savings

It helps reduce many costs. From stocks, logistics, handling, and energy, among others. A frozen product in an individual portion helps to reduce shrinkage since only the amount necessary for consumption is used. A restaurant has more precise control of the menu. It is possible to learn the exact fixed cost of each dish.

  • Safety and hygiene

The freezing process at -18ºC inhibits the development of microorganisms and bacteria. This system does not require preservatives or additives. We can, therefore, consider frozen foods to be more microbiologically stable.

  • Nutritional value

With the appropriate freezing techniques, it is possible to guarantee all the nutritional values during the product’s shelf life, which is not the case with fresh foods.

  • Product versatility

We have a wide variety of products to choose from, allowing one to expand and vary our menu (restaurant) and to have such products available throughout the year.

  • Commodity

Frozen foods help to optimize stock, are ready to be served without the need for their washing or cleaning, reduce kitchen space, and allow for optimal management, adding and improvement of personnel time and work.

For their correct regeneration and use, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.