Food quality and safety policy

EXQUISITARIUM produces value-added frozen ready meals for the best restaurants and caterers in the world, in many cases tailored to the customer’s needs, combining tradition and innovation. Quality, Innocuousness and Legality of service as well as respect and preservation of the Environment and sustainability are commitments assumed by the organisation as the basis of a strategic decision and commitment to the customer, on which its image, its success and its position in the market depend.

The product catalogue is very wide and constantly renewed. A perfect synchronisation between all our departments manages to satisfy all the needs of our customers quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing that the products will maintain their quality and innocuousness during the processes of reception and storage of raw materials, preparation of the recipes, their storage and the logistics of the exit of the goods from our warehouse.

We take ownership of the VALUES of quality and service safety as an objective in our daily work based on the following principles:

  •  Comply with the requirements set out in the Integrated Quality and Food Safety Management System, applicable legal and regulatory requirements and customer requirements.
  • Ensure the development of and compliance with hygiene guidelines.
  • Maintain comprehensive traceability
  • Continuously adapt to changes in our environment, and especially to the demands of our customers, being agile and quick in detecting opportunities for improvement or innovation, as well as in their implementation.
  • Encourage the spirit of continuous improvement as a basis for daily work, seeking the most efficient and effective solutions.
  • To favour the development potential of all those involved in the execution of the services, their capacity for learning, growth and values that are the basis for personal and professional pride in a job well done.
  • To encourage ethical and honest behaviour in our company
  • Establish measurable objectives aligned with the safety assurance of the services offered.
  • Encourage active communication with all parties involved in ensuring food safety. To this end, the company has established a food safety culture by adopting specific objectives to promote food safety through continuous actions at the management and production level.
  • Involvement of top management in the system, defining the responsibilities of all staff
    To carry out this Quality and Food Safety Policy, Management relies on its organization to which it transmits this Policy and general lines of action, seeking to ensure that they assume the Quality of their work and identify with the image of the Company. All this allows EXQUISITARIUM to grow and to be recognized by its customers, fulfilling an ethical and labour responsibility.

This Quality and Food Safety Policy is disseminated, assumed and put into practice by all levels of the organization, committing itself to the Continuous Improvement of the service provided, through the involvement and synchronization with all external collaborators.