As summer comes to an end, we find ourselves in mushroom season. Mushrooms are a part of our diet and are the stars of the menu in many restaurants. There are many varieties of mushrooms with various flavors and uses, which give characteristic features to our recipes or are served alongside salads, meats or vegetarian dishes.

Mushrooms have many properties that are beneficial to our health that should be taken into account: they are a seasonal food and are rich in fiber, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, iron, calcium, etc. They are high in good quality proteins, low in fat and have a rich water content. In short, they are a perfect food that is suitable for everyone.

We get many benefits from including them in our diet, including the fact that they are filling, provide antioxidant elements, are a source of essential vitamins and minerals, are low in calories and have anti-inflammatory components, among many other benefits. As a result, including them in our diet is an excellent decision.

At Exquisitarium we would like to give you a few recommendations so you can eat them worry-free.

It is recommended that mushrooms only be picked by individuals who are familiar with the product in order to avoid possible poisoning. Never pick a type of mushroom that you are unsure about.

We recommend purchasing them from authorized stores and ensuring that the product is properly packaged and labeled.

It is also recommended that they be consumed in smaller quantities; mushrooms are difficult to digest and should be avoided at dinner time.

At Exquisitarium we offer you a wide variety of products that contain mushrooms in order to make it easier for you to incorporate them into your diet or menu. We have sorted them by appetizers or tapas, starters and mains.

Appetizers and tapas:

-Mushroom with tartufata sticks

-Mushroom and foie gras croquettes

-Boletus edulus little skein

-Crunchy mushroom cake

-Mushroom puff pastry



-Vegan mushroom and truffle burger

-Mushroom cannelloni with bechamel and cheese

-Mushroom pasta sauce

-Mushroom and shrimp risotto



-Ham hock and mushroom coulant