What comes to mind when you think of “summer”? Heat, beaches, vacations… and of course a nice paella. Foreign tourists who visit our country in the summer have the same thought—they don’t want to leave without tasting it. Making a good paella isn’t easy, and it takes a lot of time, time that restaurants and chiringuitos on the beach often don’t have.

Customers are often highly skilled at all showing up at the same time and wanting to eat as quickly as possible. On top of that, if they want a dish takes a certain amount of time to prepare, such as paella, the kitchen becomes totally chaotic, meaning the dishes may not come out as expected and the customers won’t leave entirely satisfied.

We know how to easily make exquisite and delicious paellas that will always be high quality and have the same flavor. The most time-consuming part of making a paella is the broth and the sofrito. Exquisitarium offers a paella base with enough sofrito for two people, allowing restaurants and chiringuitos to save time when preparing the dish.

We carefully select the ingredients we use: rockfish and crabs of the highest quality for the broth and an excellent cuttlefish for the sofrito. This makes cooking a paella so much easier since the only thing left to do is add the rice and finally the mussels, prawns, and whatever else to garnish your dish and give it a unique touch. Each package serves two, so you can take however much you need out of the freezer, without wasting or throwing anything away.

You no longer have an excuse for not offering paella on your menu. 😉