Quinoa and curly kale salad with spinach chips and purple potato chips

Reference: 18822 Curly kale and  Quinoa salad


  • Curly Kale and Quinoa salad
  • Fresh Spinach
  • Oil
  • Sea salt
  • Pepper
  • purple potatoe


A simple but very nutritious dish.

Prepare the curly kale salad without defrosting previously, and pierce the top of the container at different points. Microwave at maximum power (800 W) for 2-3 min. until the base is very hot.

Wash the spinach leaves and fry them in abundant hot oil until they are transparent, and reserve them on absorbent paper.

Purple potato chips: peel the potatoes and cut them very thinly using a mandolin. To lose the starch we introduce them into the water until the water stops turning purple, this is how it indicates that it has lost the starch. We dry the potatoes very well and we fry them in a few quantities without stopping to remove them with a skimmer so that they do not pile up, once done we will put salt to the taste.

We place the spinach chips as a base on the plate where on top we will place our salad helping us with a mold to get the desired shape.

We finish our plate with a purple potato chip as decoration that allows us to give a different touch to our plate.