Tapa of slab confit of knuckle of pork with piquillo peppers, pearl onions and garlic aioli

Reference: 2177 Ham hock slab


  • Ham hock slab
  • Piquillo peppers
  • Aioli sauce
  • Pearl onions


A simple but very tasty dish.

To prepare the dish we can make it: CONVECTION OVEN: Spread with oil and place on a Teflon tray. IF FROZEN: 8 minutes in the oven at 60% humidity, in mixed oven at 240ºC / IF DEFROSTED: 6-7 minutes at 220ºC. Convection only, no humidity. GRiddle or frying pan: Defrost beforehand, brush with oil and brown on both sides over medium heat.

Prepare the dish with a base of piquillo peppers that have been previously cut into strips and sautéed.

Place half a portion of our plate of pork knuckle confit on top.

Garnish the dish with pearl onions and aioli.

Depending on the portions of pork knuckle, this dish can be prepared as a tapa or as a second course.

We hope you like it.