Veal amn piquillo pepper bombd and potatoes Sastret’s

Reference: 2842  Veal and piquillo pepper bombs


  • Vela and piquillo pepper boms
  • Chips Potatoes Sastret’s
  • Julienne vegetables
  • Maionese
  • Sriracha sauce


Veal and piquillo peppers bombs. Without defrosting previously, fry in abundant hot oil (180ºC). Reach 65ºC inside the product.

Cut the vegetables into julienne strips and blanch and cook them in a frying pan. We reserve them.

To prepare our dish we put a base of Sastret’s potato chips, onto them we will place our previously cut veal bomb. We place the julienne vegetables in the middle with the sriracha sauce. We cover the bomb and put a little bit of mayonnaise to finish.

We hope you like it.